For a better experience, we recommend using Firefox and headphones.

Update 1.4

We are happy to present the 1.4 update, here is the list of changes:

Main additions

  • New Cretaceous Lagoon scene with: Mosasaurus, Elasmosaurus, Ichthyosaurus, Amonite
  • New Dimetrodon and updated scene
  • Updated T-Rex scene
  • Updated Quetzalcoatlus scene
  • Improved for Quest 3
  • New VR controllers
  • Compatible with Wolvic VR Browser
  • Major map updates
  • Major UI Updates

Main improvements

  • Improved loading time
  • Improved underwater rendering
  • Additional effects: Underwater, wind, particles etc
  • Updated A-Frame to 1.5.0
  • Improved curve mechanics to keep animations uniform regardless of the framerate
  • French language optimisations (translation, scene selection)
  • Add audio fade on some transitions

Main fixes

  • Fix Quest 3 compatibility issue
  • Fix Deinocheirus synchronisation issue with sound
  • Fix issue on Safari with water rendering
  • Fix assets identifiers for caching
  • Fix issues on language switching
  • Fix issue with unwanted highlighted translated text