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Explorez le passé

Welcome to Prehistoric Domain, the online park where you will meet life-size dinosaurs and other extinct animals.
Winner of Education Experience Of The Year at the 2023 WebXR Awards, Prehistoric Domain invites you to meet these prehistoric animals like never before and learn about them.

Bienvenue à Prehistoric Domain, le parc en ligne où vous rencontrerez des dinosaures grandeur nature et d'autres animaux disparus.
L'objectif du parc est de vous permettre de rencontrer ces animaux comme jamais auparavant et d'en apprendre plus sur les mystères du passé.

New technologies

You can visit Prehistoric Domain from anywhere with or without VR, directly into your browser:
PC , MAC , PCVR , Quest 3 , Pico 4 and more

But the best experience is still in VR, where you can see the creatures in life-size !

We use the latest technologies to allow you to visit the park directly from your browser thanks to A-Frame, WebGL and WebXR !

Vous pouvez visiter Prehistoric domain de n'importe où avec ou sans VR, directement dans votre navigateur:
PC , MAC , PCVR , Quest 3 , Pico 4 et plus

Mais la meilleure expérience reste encore en VR, où l'on peut voir les créatures en grandeur nature !

Nous utilisons les dernières technologies pour vous permettre de visiter le parc directement depuis votre navigateur grâce à A-Frame, WebGL et WebXR !

Wild life

The park is a giant wildlife sanctuary where dinosaurs roam freely in each of 5 separate biomes, each with their own unique characteristics.
The animals are monitored for their welfare and safety thanks to modern tracking techniques.

All exhibits are connected by an underground tunnel to be as unobtrusive as possible.

Captivating discoveries

During your visit, you will learn more about the past, thanks to our information panels and our audio guides.
You can complete your visit to our section dedicated to learning, with lots of other content.

Varied Activities

You can also be immersed in the heart of the main area.
Here you will find our shops and partners, places to eat and relax, and even see the hotel.
Your first immersion could be in our cinema, which will broadcast content related to prehistory.