More attractions and dinosaurs to come the next few months !
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the life-size VIRTUAL park.
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Meet extincts animals

Welcome to Prehistoric Domain, the online virtual park where you will see life-size dinosaurs and other extinct animals.
The objective of the park is to allow you to meet these animals through many attractions: safari tour, aviary, canoe...
The park is perfectly secure and has already been validated by a group of experts.

New technologies

You can visit Prehistoric Domain from anywhere with or without VR, directly into your browser.

PC, MAC, PCVR or even Quest alone !

But the best experience is still in VR, where you can see the creatures in real size !

We use the latest technologies to visit the park directly from your browser thanks to WebGL and new WebXR technologies !

a lot of attractions

We have 3 attractions for the opening of the park and many more planned for the future !

Captivating discoveries

Learn about dinosaurs and prehistory through contextual experiences that will give you information about what you discover.

Varied experiences

Dinosaurs, flying and marine reptiles, different eras and through space and time !